Rainbow Rain

August 1, 2009
“Rainbow Rain. Huh.”

Nell took a step back, admiring the beautiful color cascading against the window. She turned to face the potted plant behind her.

“Is that normal here?” She asked patiently.

“Why yes, it is. I quite enjoy being outside in the rain. Color feels great.” He said stretching out his leafs.

He said this amused at her unknowing-ness. Well it wasn’t Nell’s fault she didn’t know wonderland so well. Alice did a horrible job explaining it.

“That book was dreadful you know. It makes the queen look terrible.” The plant said, reading Nell’s mind.

“Well I would love to go out exploring. Please tell me how?” She said in her most innocent tone.

The plant sighed, then stretched out his leaf with a bottle with a thick red liquid in it.

“It’s like “drink me” but if you use it more than once, it’s poisin, so only once.”
He handed her the drink. Nell anxiously took the bottle and uncorked it. She then gently took a sip.

All of a sudden, she was gone, but not gone from the room, but falling. She was still in the room some how. But she couldn’t explain it. But as soon as the though of “when will i stop falling?” came across her mind, she was standing in the middle of a chessboard.

“Where am I Mr. Knight?”  she asked to the knight infront of her.

“Why, you are there. I am here.” He said patiently, but bored.

“I know that! But WHERE am I? What is this place??” She said, her temper flaring up inside her.

But before the knight could answer, somehting white caught her eye. A bunny.

“Ok what the heck is up with the alice in wonderland theme!!!!!” she thought aloud.

“Well, you are in wonderland, so that may be why.” He said amused now.

“oh right…. Well i better chase it then.” She said bored. The went to follow the bunny who had just left the board.